Tools 4 Guys - About Us

Hello and WELCOME

to the Tools 4 Guys Facebook Group.  We are super excited you decided to join us and we look forward to helping you with DIY tips and tricks, woodworking plans, honest tool reviews, and letting you know if it just makes sense to hire a contractor

We want YOU and all our members to have a safe and wonderful experience in our group.

So please read the rules of our group below.  Any member who breaks a rule will immediately be removed and permanently blocked from the group.

Rule #1

This is a zero spam or selling group.  Please do not post links to your own blogs, products or Facebook groups. Also, please do not post ANY articles or links.  There is a lot of misinformation out there, so we just delete them

Rule #2

Please be kind.  We are all here to learn.  Rudeness won’t be tolerated.  Foul language, bullying, or bashing of others will get you banned.

Rule #3

Please DO posts pics or videos of your current projects, providing tips, tricks, or instructions in the comments is a plus! (again no external links here, just videos or pics uploaded directly to the group)

Rule #4

Blocking a moderator or admin will get you banned.

Rule #5

If you see a member breaking a rule, do not call them out in the group.  Please just report or tag an admin or moderator. We will deal with the issue ourselves.

Rule #6

If you are privately messaged by somebody who offers to sell you something, block them and let us know. Unfortunately, we’ve had this in the past.

Rule #7

If you private message other people and try to sell them something or abuse them in anyway, you will be banned and reported to Facebook, which will result in your Facebook account being shut down.

Rule #8

Our admins and moderators are here to help you.  Arguing with them, disrespecting them, referring to them as the “Tool Police” or “Tool Nazis” will get you banned.  Name calling is not tolerated!

Rule #9

From time to time, Admin may post links to products we believe can help you on certain jobs/projects. You may assume that some of these links are affiliate links.  We only recommend products we 100% believe in and would recommend to our own family members.

Rule #10

Ask lots of questions and share your struggles, whether it is coming up with ideas to upgrade or fix a certain aspect of your home, whether you are stuck on a current project and want some tips, tricks, or insight, or even if you just want to know about a certain tool, ask away.  No question is too small or big. Tools 4 Guys is an awesome community of kind, respectful, knowledgeable DIYers who are here to help and support you.  Your success is important to us.

These are the rules of our group. If you can abide by these rules, then you can join our community — and we welcome you with open arms.


To Getting the Job Done,

Jason Cancino
Tools 4 Guys