Tools 4 Guys - About Us

Tools 4 Guys.  So who are we.  First of all, we are not just a site for guys.  All are welcomed here.  The name came to us because we wanted to do something that had to do with building stuff with tools and we are 4 guys…to put it simply, we are family.  We are three brothers and our dad, which we call Pops, and we started this site for 4 reasons:

  1. Pops retired March 31, 2017, which gives him plenty of time now to fix stuff around his and my mom’s house…and of course all three of his son’s houses as well! lol 🙂
  2. My middle brother Brandon, and my youngest brother Aaron, have gotten really good at DIY stuff
  3. We really love family and working together
  4. We want to provide real reviews, feedback, and information so that others out there can make informed decisions on whether to DIY or hire a professional…AND most importantly, we don’t want anyone out there to make the same mistakes we DID! lol 🙂

Let Me Introduce You to the Team.

Aaron Cancino – Aaron is the youngest of us three brothers.  He currently lives in Lake Jackson, Tx with his beautiful wife, Kari, and two beautiful kiddos, his son Aaden, and daughter Kinsley.  Although he is the youngest, don’t let that fool you.  Aaron has owned his own home, 2 actually, since he was 24, so for over 7 years now.

And during that time he has done a lot of DIY jobs around his home.  From small jobs, like putting up new ceiling fans, to larger ones, like laying hard wood floors, and even doing a complete carpet gutting job and staining the concrete.

Recently, due to Hurricane Harvey flooding his home with over  2ft. of water, he and all of us, have done a lot more DIY jobs as well.  Aaron has become a very experienced DIYer.

Brandon Cancino – Brandon is the middle brother.  He currently lives in Sugar Land, Tx.  He is in a very happy relationship with his girlfriend, Danielle, who also shares in one of his hobbies, which is MMA/Juijitsu.  They often train together and she attends all his fights.

But one of Brandon’s other hobbies has been making and selling hardwood dining tables.  It started by making one for himself and so many others wanted one, he started making them for others as well.  He has taken it up another level by building his own travel trailer which is coming along very nicely.  Brandon has also become a very experienced DIYer over the past 2-3 years.

Jason Cancino – That’s me.  I currently reside in the Richmond and Rosenberg, Tx area.  I have a beautiful wife, Mandy, and two wonderful boys, Hunter and Connor.  I am the oldest brother, but don’t let that fool you…I am also the shortest and besides our mom, I am the least of the DIYer in the family! lol  I am the type of person that looks at something, then I look at how to do it on Youtube, and if it looks like it would take me longer than about an hour, or it looks like I would end up messing it up and then still have to hire someone, then I just go out and hire a professional.

That is what I love about Tools 4 Guys.  It will let you know everything it takes to doing a project from start to finish, from the prep time, the tools needed, all the way to the tear down.  And it will let me know, and many others out there, if this particular job is worth a DIYer or if I should just hire a professional.

The challenge with hiring a professional is that not all professionals, or those that portray themselves as one, are made equal.  Tools 4 Guys will also help you find the right local handyman or professional out there, who does quality work, has great communication and customer service with its clients, is fairly priced, and most importantly, has integrity!

Ruben Cancino – This is our dad.  We call him Pops.  He currently lives is Lake Jackson, Tx with our awesome mom, Aurora.  What can I say about our dad?  He is the real deal.  He finished his 40 year successful career as a mechanical engineer with Exxonmobile.  But during that time never missed anyone of our soccer games.

Also during that time, which is extremely important to Tools 4 Guys, he helped build my Grandma’s house, rebuilt my highschool car engine…twice (sorry about that one Pops!), tiled his house, helped repair and supervise my aunt’s roof, replaced one of his car engines, supervised the remodel of a church, and that is just for starters.

One of the things that is awesome about our dad is that, even if he has never done a particular job before, he has so much mechanical engineering experience and tons of DIY experience, that he can still figure out how to do a particular job, even if its his first time ever doing it! 🙂

Another great characteristic about our dad, and a big reason we decided to do this website, is that not only does he love fixing and figuring stuff out, but if he has the chance to do it for someone else, to help and bless them, he loves it even more.

In Conclusion

So there you have it.  This is your team at Tools 4 Guys.  We want to be a place where people can come and get an honest review on tools they may need….or NOT need, a place where people can come and get information and instruction for your DIYer, but also a place where, if you are like me, Jason, need good advice on what professional to hire in your local area.

Thanks for being here, now lets go out there and get the job done!

Ruben, Jason, Brandon, & Aaron